The Italian School of Tehran was established in 1960 as a private school. However, with the increasing number of students, it became more renowned. Consequently, it was decided for the school to be run by the school Managing Committee which assured the implementation of administrative, accounting, and educational plan of the school making use of the contribution of MAE (the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The school’s previous location was in the south of the city, near Safi Ali Shah Avenue in a rented building which was suitable to be used as a school building. Around the seventies the number of students had increased due to the considerable presence of Italians in Tehran. As the result, the construction of a new proper educational building owned by the school seemed to be necessary. The Managing Committee, which then included several representatives and companies’ managers, decided to build school in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Iran. The school was then built on a plot of land owned by Italian state, opposite the residence of the Italian Ambassador in Famanieh Avenue – an elegant residential zone. In 2004, by the Decree 3644 in 19.04.2004 the school was granted legal recognition by the Ministry of Education for primary school of the first cycle of education (elementary and middle school). The next year, by the Decree 4735 in 30.06.2005 the same legal recognition was granted to our high school.

What Distinguishes Us

The Italian School of Tehran, ‘Pietro della Valle’, takes pride of its multicultural environment and the trust of families of many different parts of the world. In our classes, the students learn how to develop a deep understanding of different cultures, beliefs and many more multicultural aspects which help them to be the citizens of the world in its real sense.

Another aspect which has been the heart of our educational plan is making the adaptation to the new environment smooth and pleasant for our students. In fact, immediately, after they enter the school they are welcomed by ‘facilitator’ teachers who teach them Italian and English (if necessary) to be inserted in the classroom at the time which is most convenient for them.

The school construction, classrooms, and facilities are constantly renovated, refurbished, strengthened or/and equipped, so that our students can enjoy a secure, safe and modern studying environment.

The Italian School also enjoys strong semi-bilingual system (English and Italian) in addition to Spanish language taught in the middle school. Our students have been able to enter the most prestigious universities (English or Italian), communicate highly efficiently in both languages, and successfully pass the most important Language examinations (IELTS, Cambridge, Toefl, and CILS) throughout the years.

Modern School

The Italian School of Tehran is a modern school which Takes benefit of all the needs and facilities of modern-age educational facilities. The school welcomes infants as well as the twelve-year course of study (elementary, middle school, high school). Pietro della Valle educational plan is semi-bilingual and its certificates and its educational validity are approved legally by the Italian Ministry of Education. This means that any Diplomas or certificate for the students are considered equal to those issued in Italy and considered equally valid all over globally. Our pupils come from all parts of the world and study together in a friendly multicultural environment. The school teachers also come from different parts of the world (Italy, Britain, Iran ….). The teachers are recruited based on their experiences specifically with multicultural backgrounds and their field of expertise always in accordance with rules and regulations set by The Italian Ministry of Education.