Italian School of Tehran, “PIETRO DELLA VALLE”, is offering the international community a DAYCARE service, a space available to mothers/fathers and their toddlers.

PDV Daycare inspires a passion of learning where education is tailored to each child in a Child-Centered environment and respect, vs. Teacher-Centered. We truly believe that a well-prepared environment will foster child’s highest potentials – spiritually, emotionally, physically, intellectually and helps in their cognitive development. For easier transition to our Nursery, parents can stay with their infants (under the age of 3), and together with the specialists work not just on children’s essential skills for their future educational journey, but on fundamental life skills such as critical thinking and problem solving by exploring their environment through hands-on learning. In a warm caring environment and independent active learning, children naturally build self-esteem and resilience that they carry with them throughout their lives. Here at PDV Daycare parents are always welcome to stay and participate in workshops prepared for different artistic activities such as painting, sculpturing, collage, puppet shows, and dancing.


Meal times are an important and essential part of the daily life, so in PDV Daycare we place a great value not only in eating a healthy lunch but on the experience of sharing a meal with our friends as well in a family style respecting table manners and using polite communication. In our kitchen we respect HACCP standards and are attentive to any intolerances, but if any parents wish to provide the food by themselves, they are more than welcome.Our dedicated cozy resting area furnished with cots, pillows and soft mattresses is where your child can listen to fairytales and nursery rhymes etc. taking naps while getting ready for their next hands-on learning experience.

The outdoor playground will allow both children and the parents to happily spend time and socialize with friends while focusing on the child’s psychomotor activities, necessary to teach how to coordinate correct movements. Also, once a week, the pediatric consultancy services are available to the children to monitor their health and growth by our in-campus Gastroenterologist Pediatrician.