Bilingual Primary School

The primary school follows a broad and balanced curriculum with the Italian national curriculum at its core.

Most importantly, the whole school program enriches the children’s learning experiences and provides them with the academic, social, linguistic, and technological tools necessary for the modern world. The students are assessed by a placement test to enroll in the right class. The Italian curriculum is taught to pupils throughout the primary school. Regarding their linguistic abilities, after their level of Italian and English language proficiency is assessed, additional Italian and English language lessons are provided for the non-native speakers so they can be inserted in the classroom and study different subjects with the rest of the class as soon as they are ready.

Students benefit from specialist teachers for Physical Education and Music. Each class also has the opportunity to work on an art project during the year with our specialist Art teachers.

The teachers in elementary school are highly competent, and qualified. The staff work closely together as a team to create a positive, caring and purposeful learning environment.

There are clear expectations of the children, but emphasis is on being enthusiastic, motivated, independent, and consequently successful.