On SUNDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2021 there will be elections for the renewal of the Steering Committee of the school. On the basis of the Articles of Statute, the Committee is composed of five members as follows:

  • Four parents of the pupils in the school who are Italian or EU nationals, or to a maximum of two members of the Italian community in Iran, not necessarily parents of the pupils
  • One citizen of Iran or of a third country who is also the parent of a student/students in the school

The work of the Steering Committee, as well as all the correspondence with the embassy and with the administrations in Italy will be only in Italian language; candidates are expected to have a good command of the Italian language.

Interested parties are invited to submit their applications via email by sending by 3.00 pm on

30.11.2021 to the school secretariat ( ) , with a copy CC to the

Secretariat of the Embassy of Italy in Teheran ( ) ; the completed form (here attached); a short CV with photo; the electoral program including the management issues which are considered as priority by the candidate; and finally clear specification of the category of members to which they belong. Dual citizens will be able to choose which category they intend to apply for. All applications that meet the above requirements will be accepted.

CVs and electoral programs of candidates will be brought to the attention of all families by email by 1 December 2021.

On the election day, parents will receive a ballot paper which contains the names of the candidates and will be able to express a maximum of five preferences: a maximum of four preferences in favor of Italian candidates and one preference for Iranian citizen or of a third-country candidate.

Voting will be held from 8.00 to 16.00 on 5 December 2021 in a polling station set up in the gym, with utmost rigorous attention for anti-Covid prevention measures. 

The entire electoral process, including the counting of ballots, will take place under the supervision of the Electoral Commission appointed by the Ambassador of Italy in Tehran.

The results of the electoral process will be announced on December 5, 2021 as soon as the counting is over.

The new Steering Committee will remain in office 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 scholastic years.

The Steering Committee is a body that, in coordination with the Embassy of Italy in Tehran, and in connection with the school’s Board of Education, supervises the proper operation and management of the school, which also include the administrative and financial responsibilities. 

The Committee members shall remain in office for two school years and hold the following positions: President, Vice-president, Manager of Relationships with Parents, Treasurer, Vicetreasurer.  

In particular, the Steering Committee: 

  • Meets the requirements set by Embassy of Italy regarding a proper administrative and financial management; is responsible for the assembly of the parents for all administrative and financial matters; administers the contribution that is paid annually by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; sets, collects and administers the school fees; also administers all other contributions which may be made
  • prepares and approves the preliminary and the final budget of the school in accordance with the ministerial regulations
  • with the approval of the Embassy, employs the Principal of the school and fixes the remuneration (if such a task is not assigned by the Ministry)
  • hires and dismisses the teaching staff, after hearing the professional opinion of the Principal and with the approval of the Embassy, and determines the salaries
  • hires and dismisses all the additional non-teaching employees and sets their salaries
  • examines the proposals for the running of the school, the purchase of educational materials, and acts accordingly
  • is responsible for the running of extra-curricular services in cooperation with the management of the school
  • carries out the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the premises
  • calls meetings with the parents with 7 days’ notice
  • performs any additional tasks relating to the administration and management of the school given by the Embassy

With the exception of the power held by the Teaching Body and class council meetings, the Steering Committee has the power of decision on the organization and functional planning of the life and activity of the school in accordance with the duties and functions that the scholastic autonomy gives to a school. Specifically, the committee deals with such fundamental matters as:

  • approving the POF (plan of training) devised by the teachers (to the extent of its competence)
  • adopting the regulations of the institute
  • authorizing the extra-curricular activities of the students
  • delivering an opinion on the general, organizational and financial progress of the institution

The Electoral Commission, appointed by the Ambassador of Italy in Tehran, is composed of Dr. Gianpaolo MARTINA as the president, Dr. Sara BONATI and Dr. Behnam AHMADI as members.    


The Electoral Commission