Welcome From The School

We are delighted that you are interested in Pietro della Valle. We are a dynamic, well-established, and long-honored school built on the solid foundation of a deep international community. At the heart of our school are our students, who are provided with a unique opportunity to follow a highly successful model of the Italian curriculum, blended with a very well-established ESL program.

Our students are inspired by a progressive, dedicated and highly qualified, group of teachers and staff who have established a reputation for setting high standards, whilst supporting and nurturing students to do their very best. We are fully aware that one of the key points of being distinguished in the modern era is the highlighted importance of learning to communicate foreign languages. Therefore, our curriculum has been designed to train fluent bilingual students. It is noteworthy that Spanish language is also taught during the three years of middle school and our students are often able to communicate in Spanish language by the time they finish this section of school.  In fact, some subjects are taught in English and Italian like science and mathematics.  Our teachers encourage and maintain cultural awareness and appreciate diversity with the rich linguistic exposure across every subject area.  Our school strategy and teachers’ main focus is highlighting the value of cultural diversity and intercultural learning based on a course design which encourages autonomous and independent learning.

In addition, we are fully conscious of the fact that learning at every stage must be enjoyable and engaging, but it should also be appropriately challenging. We warmly invite you to come and see who we are and find out first-hand, the mix of people, place and traditions that make Pietro Della Valle such a special place.


Knowing your child is safe and secure while at school is essential for parents to obtain peace of mind. There is nothing we take more seriously than the care of your child. Our security system starts at our front door. Each entrance to our school is locked during school hours, and entrance is only granted when our secretary buzzes you in.